Improve the Security of your Home with Security Lights!

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Security Lights Done Right

  • Security Lights are a burglar’s worst enemy – This is why often, burglars dress in black to blend in with the darkness. They learn to navigate by touch and rely on their fingers for many things. If you want to keep the burglars and prowlers away, you should take your home’s lighting status very seriously.
  • Elevated Lights are Safer and more economical – Lights that are higher from the ground, shining downwards will light a bigger radius, will lead to less blind spots. This will also cause less light pollution (and lower electricity bills!) as you’ll need fewer lights.
  • Ward off the attention of intruders with ourdoor lights –  Burglars generally look for easy targets that won’t attract attention to them. Having outdoor lighting installed at your home is one of many things you can do to make your home more secure.
  • Protected Wiring – Intruders can, and will, cut the power to your lights to help them slip into your home unnoticed.  To avoid this, we generally install outdoor security lights in such a manner that the wiring is harder to tamper with.


Motion Activation

In areas where you don’t want to keep your lights on all the time, consider directed lighting. This lighting goes hand in hand with security cameras, illuminating the area that is within the view of the camera. Of course, this isn’t a solution to protect every area of your property, but it helps protect the easy-access areas.

When you have security lights installed that are activated by a motion sensor, your neighbors will also be alerted to something going on. These lights can also be linked to your alarm system, to activate when the alarm is triggered.

Security Lights Installations - Quicpro Security Solutions
Security Lights Installations - Quicpro Security Solutions

Feel Safer

Not only has sufficient security lighting been proven to help deter potential burglars, it can also look nice to have your home lit up outside – even if it just helps your visitors find the pathway to your front door.

As you can see, having quality security lighting will not only benefit your safety, but also your peace of mind when you are comfortable enough to leave your home, knowing that you’ll return to all of your valuables.

Quicpro Security Solutions has over 10 years experience in the installation of Alarm Systems, Electric Fencing, CCTV Security Cameras, Steel SecuritySecurity Lighs, and Access Control Systems.  We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial installations, repairs and maintenance.  We service the greater Johannesburg area. We will advise you on the best possible solution for your individual needs.