Alarm System

An alarm system is another line of defense against intruders.  If correctly installed, it is an early warning system which will alert you that someone is attempting to enter your home uninvited.

When someone triggers the alarm, a panic signal can be sent to any armed response company, alerting them that something is wrong.

Your alarm system is installed with the safety of you and your family in mind.  This means that all sensors are optimally places for maximum efficiency.

Factors such as whether you have pets, uneven ground and swimming pools will be taken into consideration when deciding what type of sensors to install. Taking all these factors into account, we will take all the precautions to avoid regular false alarms.

Our preferred supplier of Alarms systems is Paradox Security. They are an internationally acclaimed brand manufactured in Canada and in our experience they’re system is the most user-friendly system on the market today, Paradox also offers an 18 month repair warrantee from date of manufacturing.

We can also assist you with upgrading, maintaining & repairing your existing alarm system.

Some of the advantages of having a correctly installed alarm system include:

  • Early warning should your perimeter be breached
  • Makes your property less desirable to intruders
  • Lowers insurance premiums
  • Offers you the peace of mind that your property is more secure while you sleep, and when you are not home.
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Get Your Complete Alarm System Fully Installed Starting From Only R2 950!

Alarm System Panel - Quicpro Security Solutions
Alarm System + CCTV integration - Quicpro Security Solutions
Alarm System Sensor & Security Light - Quicpro Security Solutions

We offer wired and wireless alarm systems, depending on your individual requirements and preferences.

Whether you require a basic 8 zone system, or a more complex alarm system, we can supply and install the best products to suit your needs and your budget.

Most alarm systems on the market today can also be linked to your smart phone or tablet, giving you full control over your system and notifying you when something is wrong when you are away. We can also assist you in this regard.

As with most things in life, we prefer certain products above others, and therefore we install only our preferred brands that have been proven to be the most reliable and user friendly.  However, to cater to all our clients, we do also service all other brands of electronic security.

Quicpro Security Solutions has over 10 years experience in the installation of Alarm Systems, Electric Fencing, CCTV Security Cameras, Steel SecuritySecurity Lighs, and Access Control Systems.  We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial installations, repairs and maintenance.  We will advise you on the best possible solution for your individual needs.